YWCA Lifeguard

I'm a 20 year old lifeguard at our neighborhood YWCA. It's an O.K. job that has its perks. I usually work Fridays and weekends. Weekends are usually busy with swim teams and open swim. But Friday mornings is quiet with adult swim and water aerobics classes, this is my favorite time working, mainly because I just sit and watch.

During the past month I noticed a particularly attractive woman and asked at the front desk what her name was, the attendant told me her name, Christine. She swam every Friday at about 9:00am; she looked hot and every time I saw her in her skin tight Speedo my cock stirred. This Friday was no exception.

Over the past month I would fantasize about Christine and even though I never saw her nude her effect on my cock was incredible. I would lay awake at night thinking of Christine. The image of her hot body would cause my cock to become hard, always ending with me getting out some lube and squirting some in my hand, gripping my cock and stroking it, thinking of Christine's beautiful body. I'd start out with slow strokes imagining her sucking my cock then I'd think of fucking Christine and begin speeding up my strokes until I could feel my balls begin to tighten. The image of me fucking Christine was too much, with a loud grunt my cock started spewing hot cum high into the air. The first blast of cum landed on my chin and chest with the rest landing on my stomach and cock. I kept stroking rubbing cum onto my cock, pretending to be pounding Christine's pussy. Needless to say I couldn't wait until Friday.

Friday finally arrived and I was sitting in the lifeguard chair at the shallow end of the pool when Christine walked past and as usual my cock twitched. As she passed, still wet from a shower, I notice that her clinging swimsuit had become quite thin from the chlorine so thin that I thought could see her dark nipples and her ass cheeks through the material. Sure enough, when she turned around I saw her nipples, my cock started to get hard.

My cock was throbbing as Christine slid into the pool. She started out with the breast stroke, 5 laps maybe then as Christine came to the end of the pool she flipped over onto her back. The water must have been cold, because her nipples were straining hard against the thin material and the sight made my cock bounce in my swim trunks. I needed to release my cock from the confines of my trunks. And I needed relief.

I looked around the pool area, there were two people in the whirlpool and the water aerobics class at the other end of the pool. No one at the front desk could see me either. The trunks we wear are the boxer shorts type with baggie legs stopping at mid thigh, not the skimpy Speedo's of years ago. I freed my hard cock from the lining of my trunks. It stretched along my thigh growing to its full 8 inches. I reached down and gently rubbed my hardness through my trunks.

Christine was finishing her back stroke laps and started doing butterfly strokes. I continued rubbing my erection, messaging the precum into the head. Every time she did a stroke her ass would pop out of the water giving me a great view and encouraging cum to the head of my cock. It felt so good I could feel cum building in my balls. Looking around, I rubbed my cock harder and harder. I needed to cum and soon. I was in heaven watching this beautiful M.I.L.F. while rubbing my cock. I wasn't sure how long Christine was going to swim but the water aerobics class was due to be over soon and I was close to cumming.

Christine slowed down and started toward the pool ladder. My cock head was now poking out from my swim trunks leg. She ascended the ladder and I got a surprise, Christine's suit had crept up her ass crack and left her cheeks in full view. Stroking faster and faster my cock was ready to explode. Standing at the pool edge Christine put her thumbs under the leg of her suit and proceeded to slowly pull the material out of her ass. It was the sexiest thing I ever saw.

That did it, my cock explode in a flurry of spasms sending the first rope of hot cum a few feet in front from me. Christine still had her back to me as she took off her swim cap letting her beautiful hair fall just past her shoulders. I continued stroking my cock while watching her, sending cum through my fingers and dripping down my leg.

Just as I finished cumming Christine started walking toward the bench where her towel was sitting, her nipples hard and visible through her suit. My cock was still hard as she passed; she looked at me and with a smile said "Hi." I wondered if she noticed cum on the floor or my leg. Picking up her towel, she headed up the stairs to the locker room.


Older woman:

I thought I was seeing things, had I really seen what I thought I'd seen. As I swam my laps I notice the lifeguard watching me very intently. Was he playing with himself while watching me swim? Could he be that bold? He is very attractive but at 40 I was nearly twice his age. I'll have to be honest; the thought of this hot young man enjoying himself while I swam was very erotic.

I finish my routine and climb the pool ladder. Reaching the top, I noticed my suit had ridden up my butt exposing my cheeks. I was thinking of him as I pulled the material from my ass and pussy, smiling and wondering if the lifeguard was watching. I took my swim cap off allowing my hair to freely fall down my back and headed toward the bench to get my towel. I was becoming aroused with the thought of this handsome young man stroking his manhood.

I was walking toward the lifeguard when my foot slipped. Looking down to see what it was that I had slipped on I saw something in front of him that didn't look like water. I must have imagined it but it looked like cum. As I passed I turned and said hi. Looking down I could see his big cock stretched along his thigh the head peeking out from his trunks and cum dripping down his leg. WOW!! I thought heading up the stairs to the locker room for a shower and to dress. It was cum I saw on the floor. He had made himself cum while I was swimming. The thought of him cumming was making me horny.

I entered the empty locker room and headed toward the bench in front of my locker. There was a full length mirror at the end of the row. From all its use the material of my suit had become very thin, so thin that my hard nipples were visible. No wonder the lifeguard was looking at me funny.

I peeled off my suit as I stood in front of the mirror thinking about the lifeguard. My nipples were hard as I squeezed my tits sending a jolt of excitement to my pussy. I reached down to my pussy, feeling its wetness as I pushed my fingers inside. I straddled the end of the bench and gazed at my naked body in the mirror. Luckily there was no one else was in the locker room so I could admire myself in the mirror without getting stares. I couldn't get the image of the lifeguards hard cock and cum out of my head.

My pussy was throbbing with excitement as I kept envisioning the lifeguard stroking his cock. I grabbed my brush from my bag a started brushing my hair. The brush I keep in my gym bag has a special feature, it vibrates, the back side has little nubs for massaging the scalp and the handle is slightly curved. This brush has other uses too.

I switched it on and gasped as I touched the brush to my pussy. Rubbing the nubby side over my wet pussy sent waves of pleasure though my body. I moved the brush over my slit, each time getting closer to my throbbing clit. Starring at myself in the mirror, I continued massaging my glistening pussy thinking about his big cock. I wanted to taste him and feel his dick sliding down my throat.

I couldn't wait any longer, pushing the brush hard against my clit, I felt myself on the verge of cumming. I let out soft moans as my pussy convulsed and shot a hot stream of pussy juice that hit the mirror. Seeing myself cum in the mirror made me even hotter. But I needed to be fucked; I thought of the lifeguard and his hard cock and came again.

Leaning back on the bench I turned the brush around and slid the curved handle into my drenched pussy. I slowly began sliding the handle in and out of my neatly trimmed pussy. I felt sooo good; I pumped faster and faster imaging the lifeguard fucking me with his big hard cock. Looking in the mirror fucking myself harder and harder I started cumming; my pussy gripped the handle as I came, sending pussy juice high in the air landing on my tits and stomach. This time my moans were a little louder, as I came, they echoed in the empty locker room, sending sex sounds through the room.

I wanted to keep cumming but I heard the ladies from the aerobics class enter the locker room. Pulling the brush from my wet pussy I quickly got off the bench and cleaned my pussy juices off the mirror and headed toward the shower.

The hot water felt great on my body, I lathered with a handful of soap massaging my still hard nipples and sensitive clit. I continued playing with myself while thinking of the hot lifeguard and his big cock. I vigorously fingered my clit; wanting to cum before the ladies entered the shower area. I felt an orgasm building then let out a slight moan as I started cumming, squeezing my tit, my pussy exploded mixing pussy juice with the shower water.

I decided I was pressing my luck. I quickly rinsed, dried off and dressed. As I was leaving the YWCA I passed the lifeguard I said bye and headed home.

Entering our condo, Bruce asked me how my swim was I couldn't wait to tell him.

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